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Business Intelligence

The BI tool from InfoSuite extracts, transforms and presents the most important data of your company.

You get a total overview that lets you run your business efficiently. And you will be aware of business-critical data, which allow you to make decisions based on facts.

Selected solutions:
Financial reporting
Sales optimation

Stock- & purchase managemen

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InfoSuite Budget automates your budgeting process and makes it easy to create precise budgets to be used in the strategic management of your business.

You can reduce the time spent by your team working with the budget spreadsheets. InfoSuite automatically consolidates figures and creates budget proposals, making it quickly for you to create, enter, and maintain budgets.

Selected solutions:
Profit budget

Cash flow management


Sales budget

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InfoSuite Business Intelligence + InfoSuite Budget
= Performance Management

Performance Management is about optimising the interaction between services and performance of your company. InfoSuite supports your entire performance management process with planning, visualisation, and execution, enabling you to constantly improve and thereby reach your strategic goals.

InfoSuite is different from other business intelligence solutions, as it includes integrated modules for budgeting and activity planning. That makes InfoSuite the perfect performance management tool.

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Templates: An operational BI solution

We have collected the most important analyses and reports in three templates targeting each their specific business area: Purchase/Stock, Sales/Order and Finance. This enables you to extract the data basis to the core of your business in a simple, less expensive, and effective manner.

Analysepakkerne er køreklare BI-løsninger
Templates: Sales/Order
Template: Purchase/Stock
Template: Finance

Unlimited integration of data

InfoSuite gathers, sorts, and presents basically all types of data – no matter the data source. However, some data sources occur more frequently and for these we have made predefined ETL solutions, allowing you to get started using BI easier, quicker, and at reduced costs.

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The engine behind your BI solution

The ETL engine standardises the process of implementing InfoSuite in your company. That makes it easier, quicker and less expensive to get started using a BI or budget solution. At the same time, our ETL engine offers a number of opportunities that you will not find elsewhere.

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