Performance Management:
Set goals, plan, execute and follow up with InfoSuite

Performance Management is about optimising the interaction between services and performance of your company. InfoSuite supports your entire performance management process with planning, visualisation, and execution, enabling you to constantly improve and thereby reach your strategic goals.

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What is Performance Management?

Performance management is about managing both employee and company performance as well as adapting these aspects to your strategic goals and priorities.

Sound Performance not only requires a clear image of status quo, but also a plan specifying the next step for both management and employees.

InfoSuite is different from other business intelligence solutions, as it includes integrated modules for budgeting and activity planning. That makes InfoSuite the perfect performance management tool.

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InfoSuite helps you keep focus on your Performance Management through a continuous focus on four essential questions:

– What are our goals? (define goals based on strategy)
– How do we reach our goals? (break the goals down to actual actions)
– How are we doing now? (measure status quo)
– What needs to be done? (initiate corrective actions)

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Data-driven decision support

An effective Performance requires an updated basis for decision-making. Modern knowledge intensive organisations operate in a world that changes rapidly.

Last year’s financial statements are no longer adequate management tools, and previous ways of operation probably do not match the current demand.

Performance Management is a holistic management model based on the latest knowledge; knowledge that is most often already saved in your company’s data.

By using your data actively and intelligently, updated KPIs supplemented by goals for efforts and result to make a clear indication of how future efforts may improve results.

InfoSuite is all-inclusive

InfoSuite is unique, all-inclusive and we help you all the way. InfoSuite lets you define concrete goals and make evaluations, makes it easy to see why and provides the tools to plan the future using for example our budgeting solution and activity plans.

In addition to this, InfoSuite also supports Balanced Scorecard and strategy card – a roadmap for execution of strategy which allows for follow up on customer, growth, and process-oriented goals in addition to the financial goals.

Furthermore, InfoSuite makes it easy to visualise result and effort goals to the rest of the organisation, for example by using scoreboards.

Four reasons for working with Performance Management?

Systematisation of management work
Basically, Performance Management helps the company management to improve management skills. Planning and execution, control and follow up are all part of most managers work, and Performance Management is about systematising these parts.

Strategy development and strategy implementation
Many companies determine their strategies on an annual basis and maybe only look at them a few times until it is time to prepare new strategies.

InfoSuite will support an active handling of your company strategies on a daily basis. Through visualisations such as scoreboards and action plans to mention a few, you will clearly see the interactions between strategies and the daily operations.

Organisational transparency
Performance Management creates more transparency in the company. Clearly communicated KPIs and goals for essential focus areas make it easy for persons of interest to keep updated with the company performance. Employees also get a clear indication of how they are evaluated in relation to management of processes and supply of results.

Systematic and ongoing improvement of processes
By actively using data and documentation from working processes, opportunities for improvement can be spotted and initiated on an ongoing basis.

Performance Management thus helps systematise and make possible improvements clear. Continuous focus may lead to improved efficiency, higher motivation for the employees and higher customer service.


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