Trade solutions from InfoSuite

Based on more than 30 years of experience in implementing Business Intelligence and budgeting solutions in various lines of business, we offer you a solution with ready-to-use analyses and KPIs that cover all your needs. A software solution customised to your industry ensures that you can easily analyse the data essential for your business.

Solution for food companies

Do you recognise all the requirements regarding trade, customer, regulations within the food business? Is production performance, stock management, cost-effectiveness and sales performance priorities to you? The InfoSuite is definitely the solution for you!

We know that it is essential to have all aspects of the production process under control, including forecasts, plans, reports, follow-up, and productivity. Our solution bases – among other things – on demands from existing customers, and the most important aspect of the LEAN philosophy – minimising waste.

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Haribo bruger InfoSuite Business Intelligence

”We practically use InfoSuite in all business areas, including sales, purchase, production, planning, controlling and finance”, Anders Bloch, IT Manager.

Solution for law firms

Would you like to have a total insight of time spent, case management and performance? Then we have the perfect solution for you!

With InfoSuite for law firms you can analyse budget deviations, fees, client assets, work in progress, debitable hours, billing rates, etc. We extract data from your existing IT solutions, such as Unik Advosys, Advopro and others. Learn more about the solution for law firms here.

Until Penta Advokater invested in InfoSuite, they would print various statistics from Unik Advosys, enter them in spreadsheets and make the further calculation here. That was a heavy and time-consuming high-risk process.

With InfoSuite, processes are now automatic, and the law firm not only saves time and resources, but also gains improved insight into the business.

Solution for textile and fashion industry

Short lifetime products and a constantly moving market forces the textile trade to get the most of any resource in order to survive.

With the InfoSuite solution for the Fashion industry, you will be able to dig down into performance, optimise order intake, spot trends etc. We automatically extract data from your POS and ERP solutions and system. InfoSuite helps you estimate profitability on item groups and collections, minimise stock and control price fixing.

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”We see a great financial advantage in using InfoSuite to give us an instant view of where our business deviates from the budget – down to product level”, Mark Jensen, Business Developer.

”With InfoSuite, structures are in place. We set up analyses exactly as we want. InfoSuite not only gives us important information about the development of sales, it is also our primary management tool”, Henrik Buur Nielsen, CFO.

Solution for insurance industry

Do you need overview of insurance policies, port folios, brokers, and claims across databases? We have the perfect solution for you!

With InfoSuite Business Intelligence you can analyse insurance claims across types of damage, result of action and time periods. You can easily explore analyses for processing and level of service, as well as performance on insurance staff and sales employees. That and much more in a solution specifically developed for your line of business.

Solution for attraction industry

Do you need to analyse number of visitors and turnover for each outlet, as well as revenue per guest and financial transactions? InfoSuite will help you!

We offer a solution allowing you to analyse down to details regarding revenue and expenditure per guest, operational cost and updated number of visitors by the hour. A system where you can work with voucher analyses as well as traffic and wage rates per outlet. We know your line of business and we have the right solution for you!

Solution for the retail sector

Do you have the total overview of the profitability of your products, daily operations and the performance of the individual shops, or do you rely on your gut feeling?

With the InfoSuite solution for the retail sector you get a complete overview, enabling you to optimise sales, minimise stock, control fixed pricing, and improve the overall performance of your business across sales channels.

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”We find InfoSuite very user-friendly. I can determine – at analysis level – which users are allowed to see the individual analysis. At any time, users can follow their performance”, Erik Ilestad, logistics and IT manager at Carlsen Fritzøe.


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