Smedstuen Gaard

If you have ever bought moose patty at your local store, there is a great chance that it comes from Smedstuen Gård. Here, InfoSuite BI ensures a fast and flexible overview during a hectic workday.

The solution has become the very lifeblood of the sales work. InfoSuite BI helps them plan and manage their sales and gives them the overview they need.

Case - Smedstuen Gaard

Better control of the sales

“We are selling directly to stores in Oslo and Akershus. Mainly to Norgesgruppen, but also to Coop and ICA. Furthermore, we also sell to manufacturing companies and a few wholesalers”, says Lars Sandholtbråten, IT responsible and controller at Smedstuen Gård. In 2007, they procured InfoSuite BI to get a better control of their sales.

“The demand for some of our goods is so high that is difficult for us to keep up the supply. It is pivotal that we can deliver the right amount to the right store according to the schedules. We also have a lot of seasonal goods. InfoSuite BI helps us plan and manage our sales. After five years of use, I don’t think we would be able to manage without it”.

BI for Dynamics AX

Smedstuen Gaard benefits from a plug-and-play BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX - read more about the solution here
Case - Smedstuen Gaard

Overview of profitability with data from Dynamics AX

In 2008, Smedstuen Gård purchased the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX. By doing so, they expanded on the data available for InfoSuite BI. They have around 650 commodities and an equivalent number of active customers.

InfoSuite can show us everything we want to see from our Dynamics AX data in a very fast and flexible manner. We can drill all the way down to the lowest level. On top of this, it is easy for the mediocre user to learn how to use the solution“, Sandholtbråten stresses.

“InfoSuite has worked flawlessly since we started using it. We have become very addicted to the possibility of analysing all sorts of dimensions from our sales history, and to be able to carry out the necessary actions based on the analyses. The margins are small in the meat market, and we constantly have to evaluate the profitability on odd goods and customers“, he adds.

Always updated information

At Smedstuen Gård, invoice entries are transferred during the night after working hours, meaning that a full overview of what has been sold, and where, will be available the following day. “We can look into customer groups or individual customers, analyse the turnover, or check the price on each invoice line. This allows us to ensure that all customers get the right price”, Sandholtbråten explains.

Endless amount of possibilities

One of the really great functionalities is that you can set up analyses across the data; either ad hoc or you can store it for later usage. For instance, we can group the goods differently from year to year, thereby making it possible to achieve the right comparison even though some of the item numbers have changed.”

The next step for Smedstuen Gård is to expand on reporting and analysing prior to procurement and production. “In practice, you can put the straw down into the data wherever you want and pull out useful numbers. It is only your imagination that sets the limits”, says Lars Sandholtbråten.

BI for your industry

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Easy budget follow-up and preparation of prognoses

Smedstuen Gård furthermore uses InfoSuite BI for following up on budgets and for making prognoses. “For example, the reports visualise how much a certain store has bought in relation to earlier periods, or how much one of the goods on sale has sold this month compared to last month. We have also changed a bit to the way we work. A credit note now has to be entered on the right day, otherwise it will show from the reports.”

Meat goods, sausages and cold meat are often seasonal. Products such as easter lamb, beef jerky, food for Christmas, and venison requires good planning. “Easter is an example of a movable holiday, meaning that we have to be able to compare odd dates across several years. This is solved easily by InfoSuite. We furthermore utilise the reports for compiling production prognoses before Christmas or during other seasonal periods.”

About Smedstuen Gaard

Smedstuen is a Norwegian meat producer. The company started out as a sausage maker, at the family farm Smedstuen outside Eidsvoll in 1972. Today, they refine and manufacture a large selection of meat products. In 2007, they procured InfoSuite BI to get a better control of their sales.

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