Get one step ahead with cash-flow Management from InfoSuite 

InfoSuite Cash-flow management provides you with a clear view of the short- and long-term cash flow, enabling you to improve liquidity and maintain a good financial health.


Avoid unpleasant surprises

Many companies find it very difficult to predict the development within their liquidity one year ahead. But with the Cash-flow Management module in InfoSuite you get a unique tool helping you to control and keep track of the development within your company’s cash flow.

In that way the Cash-flow Management module prepares you for important meetings with your financial institution when your company’s liquidity is to be assessed/negotiated.

In that way you can improve your negotiating position and be better equipped in order to avoid unpleasant “surprises”.

Gain control of your company’s liquidity

Via the Cash-flow Management module in InfoSuite, the cash-flow affect in relation to budgetted numbers is calculated automatically. Subsequently, the expected cash-flow movements for the financial items are completed so that you can evaluate the development in the cash-flow.

The follow-up can also be expanded to include assessments of the development for debtors, stocks, creditors and so forth via the automatically generated balance that is separated into months. This allows for a detailed and valuable overview of your organisation’s cash flow.

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