Improved budgeting, effective planning and precise forecasts – as simple as that

InfoSuite Budget automates your budgeting process and makes it easy to create precise budgets to be used in the strategic management of your busness.  

InfoSuite Budget sikrer dig en bedre og mere effektiv budgettering
Egetæpper bruger InfoSuite Business Intelligence
Gasa Nordgrønt bruger InfoSuite Business Intelligence

Are you wasting precious time in spreadsheets?

Do you find the annual budgeting a comprehensive, long and time consuming process in your company? Are spreadsheets being distributed endlessly across the organisation each time you make the new budgets?

A large number of companies set up their budgets in spreadsheets, as it may seem to be the most simple  solution. However, the budget is most likely to be overtaken by reality, as spreadsheets and business grow in separate directions. At the same time, spreadsheets are rarely updated and will in time be incorrect and form a faulty  foundation for your budget.

Consequently, your budgeting process turns unnecessary heavy and your spreadsheet budget ends up as a symbolic document, useless in the strategic management of the company.

InfoSuite is streamlining the budgeting process

If your company – like many others – uses spreadsheets for budgeting, you will obtain several advantages with the InfoSuite budgeting tool. InfoSuite Budget will help you optimise your budgeting process.

Most importantly, you can reduce the time spent by you and your colleagues working with the budget spreadsheets. InfoSuite automatically consolidates figures and creates budget proposals, making it quickly for you to create, enter, and maintain budgets.

At the same time, you can distribute the job of entering figures to managers and employees, who can only see and enter the budget items relevant to that particular user. The workflow function allows you to guide budgeting and provides you with an effective and flawless process.

Optimising the entire budgeting process

InfoSuite giver dig intelligente budgetforslag

Smart budget proposals

InfoSuite Budget is based on our ETL Engine which makes it easy to create new budgets.

You get qualified budget proposals based on historical data in everything from sales revenue to operating costs.

InfoSuite giver dig mulighed for decentral budgettering

Decentralised entering

In InfoSuite Budget you can confidently divide the entering of budgets to employees throughout the entire organisation.

Being in charge of the budgeting process, the detailed authorisation facilities let you control what the individual user can see and enter.

Effektiviser din budgettering med automatisk konsolidering

Automatic consolidation

When making changes in a budget item in InfoSuite, the consolidation between your budgets is completely automatic.

This is less time consuming and will present an updated and perfect overview of your budgets.

Decentralised entering equals effective budgeting

“Our budgeting process is so much faster now using InfoSuite. The minute I open op the budget entry, the sellers can start making their individual budgets. This has truly made budgeting much more effective.”

Steffen Kaa, Systems Consultant, Kosan Gas

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Kosan Gas benytter InfoSuite til budgettering

Activate the strategic potential of your budgets

InfoSuite Budget is not just a tool helping you to obtain a more effective budgeting process. You will also get a strategic management tool that ensures consistency in your business, helps you make better decisions and operate effectively.

Forecasting og budgettering

Make progress with precise forecasts

InfoSuite prepares fact-based forecasts for the future of your company. This allows you continuously to optimise your company for future challenges and potentials.

You will be able to identify specific deviations in sales and to predict sales for the month to come, as well as to calculate production volume and exploit future bottlenecks. And you will be ahead of transformations in the outside world.

Learn more about forecasting in InfoSuite here.

Integrated budgeting ensures consistency in your business

InfoSuite supports the entire budgeting process in your company – from entry of sales, profit and loss, and cash flow budgets to the automatic interaction between budgets.

It enhances the potential for development of financial budgets as a natural consequence of the operational plans. InfoSuite helps you create consistency between your budgets, your strategy, and your business.

Haribo uses InfoSuite for making production plans

For several years, Haribo used InfoSuite Business Intelligence for optimisation of sales, until they recently implemented the budget solution as well. That turned out to be successful – not the least due to the authorisation facilities in InfoSuite.

”The InfoSuite budget solution has been customised to the weekly planning of our production. We have implemented the solution to 100 users in the Nordic countries and the advantages are already evident. It is important to us that the right employees see the right data, and that is guaranteed in InfoSuite.”

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Haribo bruger blandt andet InfoSuite til at styre produktionen af vingummibamser

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